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At Livvy's Bakery we make it our mission to bring you the yummiest of cruelty-free, health-conscious treats! You won't find us following any trends we don't believe in or sneaking in any ingredients we aren't proud of. You will find us pushing our creative limits, inventing crazy unique flavours, and dreaming up new ways to bring tasty vegan food to the world!

what's in 'em?

All of our cookies are 100% vegan - which means no milk, no butter, no eggs, no animal products of any kind.

Our combination of coconut milk & coconut oil replaces the need for any butter or eggs to make cookies that are perfectly crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. You could call it our magic ingredient! 

Looking for something without gluten? Many of our flavours can be made using rice flour instead!

why vegan?

Each member of the trio found veganism in our own time and our own way. We believe that yummy food does not need to come at the expense of the environment, our health, or other living creatures' qualities of life. We also know that there is nothing *worth eating* that cannot be made vegan.


So whether you're a passionate vegan, feel limited by a food allergy, or are just curious about a healthier lifestyle, Livvy's Bakery is here to serve you the tastiest, healthiest treats we can think of! 

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